A child's hands drawing

The Leathersellers’ Foundation awards grant to Blue Cabin

Blue Cabin’s work to tackle the impact of adverse childhood experiences on care-experienced children and young people have received support from a foundation which has its origins in 15th century London.

Today, The Leathersellers’ Foundation provides funding to a range of UK charities, educational institutions and university students, but its parent organisation, The Leathersellers’ Company, was originally incorporated in 1444 by Henry VI, to support people working in the leather industry.

The foundation, which administers a number of ancient trusts and also has its own charitable fund, has awarded Blue Cabin a grant of £80,000 over four years. Jenny Young, Blue Cabin Director, said: “This funding will make a real difference to Blue Cabin and to the children and young people who we work to support.”

Blue Cabin focuses all its work on improving outcomes for care-experienced children and young people. This includes working with local authorities to embed creative approaches to supporting children and young people to develop positive relationships with the people in their lives, and helping them to understand and process their own life stories.

Adam Kent, Blue Cabin’s Chair of Trustees, said: “We are so delighted to have gained multi-year support from the Leathersellers’ Foundation. Their funding will help with the continued growth and development of Blue Cabin and enable us to work alongside even more care-experienced people in a trauma-informed way.

Creativity, and the work of our Associate Artists, is at the centre of our programmes and we know that it can have a hugely positive impact on people who’ve already faced difficult circumstances early on in their lives,” added Jenny. “With the support of our funders, including The Leathersellers’ Foundation, we hope to help more care-experienced children develop and strengthen relationships with their carers and the adults in their lives.”

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