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Creative Care Home: exploring our creativity part 2

Adrian, Residential Child Care Worker, gives an insight into creative activities for staff and young people at Harewood Hill Lodge.

My name is Adrian and I’m a residential child care worker at Harewood Hill Lodge.

At the start of the Arts Award project I would say, I was ‘fairly creative,’ enjoying most art activities, even if I wasn’t very good at them. I enjoy the many forms of art, particularly paintings, sculpture, music and films.

The Arts Award has made me look for ‘Art’ in places I never would, from travelling around Darlington and looking out for ‘new things’ to see, which have in many cases been there years and I’ve never really took much interest in them. I also look out for more ‘events’ in the media, which have the possibility to entertain the young people and build on their Arts Award.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed the creative sessions we have had as a staff group, creating the story bag of A Squash and a Squeeze, and the earlier sessions at  ‘Scrap Studio Arts’ with artist Yvonne Preston. The skill of using a sewing machine still eludes me, however it was fun trying!

I’ve also enjoyed working with the young people, whenever possible, to participate in the Arts Award and the reactions shown by them, whilst doing different activities. Highlights have included; young people’s interactions with performers and performances, their ability to ‘take part’ in activities, outside their comfort zones and the real sense of achievement they show, when they have completed their Arts Award.

I have been surprised by the quality of the work and how some of the young people have taken to it.

I’m excited for the future of the Arts Award, at Harewood Hill Lodge for various reasons:

  • It offers opportunities for the children and young people to achieve something.
  • It lets the children and young people experience new activities and have fun, whilst learning new skills.
  • It gives some young people the chance to do something when they are bored at Harewood.
  • It strengthens the staff team by giving them the opportunity to think outside the box, plan activities tailored made for young people, whilst taking into account their needs and abilities.
  • It promotes a positive environment for everyone, giving staff new avenues to build positive relationships with new and old young people.
  • I look forward to any future art activities as I enjoy doing them. I feel that the Arts Award for young people should all be about them having fun and achieving the Arts Award is the icing on the cake.