Come and play!

Thank you for joining Blue Cabin’s Jenny Young and Nic Golightly at A Prescription for Life in Manchester. 

We hope you enjoyed making your own little light and hearing a bit about how we use play to help care-experienced children and young people explore their life stories. 

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So, who are Blue Cabin?

We develop and strengthen relationships between care experienced individuals and the people in their lives, through creative activities.

Creativity and play are at the heart of what we do, along with love, care and kindness. 

Nic is one of our team of fabulous Associate Artists, who are specialists in using trauma-informed techniques to co-create with care-experienced children and young people. 

And what is Creative Life Story Work?

During our session you took part in an All About Me Creative Experience, designed by Nic to help children and young people better understand their own life stories. 

These activities are part of the trauma-informed Creative Life Story Work model. 

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