A (not so) Empty Shop of Head, Heart and Hands

The wonderful Navigator North asked us if we would like to use one of their Empty Shops (in the Cornmill Centre, Darlington), for our Head, Heart, Hands project - we said yes (of course) and then had approx 4 days to fill it!

Our incredible Associate, Jane Gray, did just that* and the results are beyond lovely. Participants, members of the public, friends, supporters and partners have been visiting the exhibition and giving their feedback - Happy, Fun, Colourful and Inspiring are just a few words used. 

*Loud cheer for Jane!

One Magazine Feature

The March issued of Darlington Borough Council's One Magazine focuses on 'our borough - home to the arts'. Blue Cabin is delighted to feature as part of this issue and very grateful to Carole (one of our biggest advocates), for sharing her story. Thanks Carole! BC xx

Blue Cabin Board Member Marc, and Associate Jane, attended the Fostering Network's conference in November called 'Head, Heart, Hands'. Read all about their experience here. Click on the lovely photos below. 

In July, we worked with our partners and critical friends to consider training for artists and arts managers based upon the Learning Framework for Artist Pedagogues. Lots of deep thinking happened as you can see, fueled by lots of sweets!

Head, Heart, Hands Darlington - Creative consultation with looked after children and the adults in their lives - July 2016.

Image credits - Suharruru Productions (DW Hoppson / I Vasarhelyi) 

In July we met with our partners to develop a story of change for the Arts Council England funded Head, Heart, Hands Darlington project.